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The 5th Western Balkans+ Regional and Local Economic Development Forum – FoRLED 2023, was a four-day event on regional and local economic development policy in the Western Balkans organized by CRLDS Albania, in partnership with the European Academy of Regions, the University Ismail Qemali of Vlora and the Regional Council of Vlora, including relevant regional and international stakeholders, resulting in regional and local policy recommendations.
The main topic of the FoRLED 2023 was: “Growing Challenges For Sustainable Development Of Regions And Cities In Western Balkans
FoRLED 2023 for the first time was held in a hybrid way: in person and online. FoRLED 2023 was attended by professionals in the field, representatives of CSOs, representatives of the academy, European organizations, as well as representatives of local government and not only. Institutions, in the EU, international organizations, entrepreneurs and organizations of entrepreneurs, the public development agencies, academics, experts and civil society from different countries as well as other interested persons on the themes of Regional and Local Economic Development.

🟢 Open lecture on sustainability with Vlora High School students and teachers,
🟢 Forum on “The growing challenge for the sustainable development of regions and cities in the Western Balkans +”,
🟢  World Café with young people (high school students and of the University of Vlora).
🟢 Conference: “Green and Digital Transition in the countries of the Western Balkans. The role of regions and cities. The Green Agenda of the Western Balkans” as well as
🟢 the “Debate on the City: Eco-city”, was the pillar activity of FoRLED 2023.