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Between February 28th and March 8th, our board member, Mr. Louis Delcart, has been invited to do 2 training programs on “Advanced Retail Banking & Branch Profitability Excellence” in Mauritius.

The first batch of three days performed in week 9 will address staff of Mauritius-based banks, the second batch during week 10 will address bank staff from the African continent. The course tackles in a first stage the present bank environment: Market attractiveness, market positions, the situation of the competition and the banks SWOT-analysis. Based upon these parameters the six aspects of a bank branch are addressed: financial aspects, the customers and how to address them, the bank products distribution, the operational aspects of a bank branch, the HRM aspects and last but not least: the compliance aspects in a very unstable world.

Mr. Delcart has a longtime experience in Africa, having set up three years ago the Rwanda Academy of Finance for the Rwanda Banking Association.