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The European Academy of the Regions – Académie européenne des régions (EAR-AER) is an international non-profit and non-political association, founded in 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The aim of EAR-AER is to promote the idea of regionalisation and of regional action as a tool for employment and wealth creation.

On Tuesday, FEB 27 EAR-AER invited Mr. Frank Melis, Founder and CEO of Global to meet with EAR-AER Board members to discuss a potential partnership. is dedicated to boosting Micro SMEs by delivering affordable, AI-powered solutions for talent development and job creation and deliver the socio-economic impact at scale and speed needed to mobilize all talents and assets in all 1.166 Regions in EU-27. developed the GEN 4.0 platform to (a) synchronize the multiple demand-supply interlinks among the four key stakeholders, (b) re-purpose transactional fees from intermediaries to finance closing the skills gap in the long run, and (c) provide real-time primary data to improve the quality and speed of decision-making. We combine personal and economic development through a single app delivering the following services:
* Matching Individuals with ‘Jobs with a Future’
* Delivering personal learning advice to close the skills gap
* Qualify potential entrepreneurs capable to start their business and create new jobs

EAR-AER and concluded that both organizations have aligned goals. We agreed that over the next two months, both organizations will define concrete actions. We have discussed the following options:
* Implementing Project TIME (‘Talent Implementation Model Entrepreneurs’) in interested Regions from across Europe. So far, we signed LOIs with 32 Regions. Both EAR and Global see huge potential to extend regional projects in EU and Non-EU on the European continent. 
* is working on research project to develop Business Models for the transition towards green, digitalization and inclusion. We have taken action and developed 90 Business Model Canvasses (BMCs). BMC will be fully integrated with with the goal to have AI selecting business models that fit best to the profile of a (potential) entrepreneur. We could imagine defining a research proposal for EC to speed up economic transition making use of this approach.

We kindly invite municipalities, regions, employers organization or educational institutions interested in ‘Growing people and economies to grow’ to inform us. Please, send a mail to either: or
We look forward to partnering with you!