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Dear members, partners and friends,

Following the decision of today`s board of directors’ meeting, we are pleased to inform you that the Southern Regional Council of Malta became a full member of EAR-AER.

At the same time, Mr. Jesmond Aquilina, President of the Southern Regional Council of Malta, joined the board of directors.

We are looking forward to working closely with Mr. Aquilina and his team, a warm welcome and the very best wishes for our upcoming cooperation!

*******Malta is subdivided into 6 regions. The Regional Level of Government is relatively young as a system of governance in Malta. Six Regional Councils were established and set-up through the amendment of the Local Councils Act in 2019 which established the Southern (Nofsinhar) Regional Council as one of the 6 Regional Councils of the Maltese Islands.

The functions of the Regional Councils are established by the Ministry for the National Heritage, Arts and Local Government in the form of regulations following consultation with the Local Councils Association. Each region has a Regional Council, which consists of a Regional President, a Deputy President, an Executive Secretary and between 10 and 12 members.
Reġjun Nofsinhar is composed of twelve Local Councils – Ħal Qormi, Iz-Zejtun, Birżebbuġa, Ħal Għaxaq, Il-Gudja, Ħal Luqa, Il-Ħamrun, Il-Marsa, Marsaxlokk, Marsascala, Santa Venera, Santa Luċija.

The Regional Council is composed by the mayor of each locality. The council is presided by the President Mr. Jesmond Aquilina. Dr Sarah Maria Vella occupies the post of Deputy President.
The Administration Office of the Southern Region is situated in Ħal Qormi. The Regional Tribunal is part of the administration building.