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Important updates about our activities and accomplishments

The EU open day in Brussels, 6th May 2023

During the EU open day in Brussels, our president Nelu Neacsu had interesting meetings with representatives from Budapest, Tallinn, Calabria, Galicia, Valencia, Bonn and South Moravian, We look for future fruitful cooperation!...

EAR-AER featured Dr. Horst Heitz as new honorary member

During its board meeting the European Academy of the Regions featured Dr. Horst Heitz as new honorary member. Dr. Horst Heitz is Senator of the European Economic Senate, Chair of the SME Connect Steering Committee and Executive Director of the SME Europe of the EPP...

Board member does monitoring mission for EU’s DGNear

These last fourteen days, board member Louis Delcart performed a ROM (result-oriented monitoring) for a multi-country project attributed to the OECD. A ROM checks several aspects of an EU project: its relevance, its design and intervention logic, its efficiency and...

1st EAR-AER board of directors meeting in 2023

On 2nd March, EAR-AER held its first online board of directors meeting in 2023. The agenda included reports on events organised in 2022 and the recent events organised in 2023:  New Year’s debate about the “Benefits of Schengen for local and regional...

EAR-AER towards a future cooperation with BSEC.

On the 27th of February 2023, our president Nelu Neacsu and our board member Louis Delcart met His Excellency Ambassador Lazar Comanescu, Secretary General of BSEC (Black Sea Economic Cooperation). There is a lot of potential for further collaboration; we look forward...

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