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Important updates about our activities and accomplishments

North Macedonia on the road to EU

During its five-day Fact-Finding Mission, EAR-AER President Nelu Neacsu, vice-president prof. Ionica Oncioiu and board member Louis Delcart met local prominents in this Western Balkan country who look for solutions to the many challenges regions and cities face in...

EAR-AER is sending students to a training program in Istanbul.

EAR-AER, as co-partner of the Erasmus+  project “European Youth Alliance For Green Future” selected five students to participate to a training program during 4-12 September 2022 in Istanbul, organised by the World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (Istanbul,...

EAR-AER examines collaboration in Virtual Green Valley project

Earlier this week, board member Louis Delcart had an interesting meeting with Geoffroy Vilbert, CEO of Esco Latam, a company in Central America that aims to realize renewable energy projects in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico....

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