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Important updates about our activities and accomplishments

EAR-AER wishes you a Happy Belgian National Day!

Belgian National Day / Nationale feestdag van België / Fête nationale belge / Belgischer Nationalfeiertag is the national holiday of Belgium commemorated annually on 21 July. It is one of Belgium's ten public holidays and marks the anniversary of the investiture...

EAR-AER wishes you a Happy Flemish Feast Day!

11th of July is a symbolic day for 6 million Flemish people, the Feast Day of the Flemish Community celebrates the anniversary of 'the battle of the golden spurs' (1302), in which the count of Flanders, with the borough militia, were victorious over the king of France...

Interreg is celebrating 30 years!

Interreg, the EU’s flagship scheme for cooperation across borders at the national and regional level, is celebrating 30 years of achievements while looking to do more together in the future. During 2020, we will focus on three main topics which highlight what Interreg...

9 May 2020 -70th Anniversary of the Schuman Declaration The Schuman Declaration was presented by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950. It proposed the creation of a European Coal and Steel Community, whose members would pool coal and steel...

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