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Just over half of the NUTS 2 regions1 of the European Union (EU) recorded a decrease of at least 0.5 per- centage points in their regional unemployment rate in 2014 compared with 2013. Regional unemployment rates varied widely across the 272 NUTS-2 regions of the EU-28 in 2014, with the lowest rates recorded in the regions of Praha in the Czech Republic and Oberbayern in Germany (both 2.5 %) followed by Tübingen, Oberpfalz, Niederbayern and Unterfranken in Germany (all below 3.0 %), while the highest rates were registered in the Spanish regions of Andalucia (34.8 %), Canarias (32.4 %), Ceuta (31.9 %), Extremadura (29.8 %) and Castilla- la Mancha (29.0 %).