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We are happy to inform you that EAR-AER,  GPN Worldwide Consulting, and  Râmnicu Vâlcea Municipality, Romania had an online meeting on 19th April 2021 with Mr. Gastelo Huaman Chinchay, Mayor of Moyobamba Municipality, Peru.

The aim of the meeting was to get the final agreement of the Mayor and to prepare the last details of the project application under the grant opportunity for public institutions named “Local Authorities: Partnerships for sustainable cities / 2021” financed by the European Commission.

Has been agreed that the two municipalities will submit an application named “Capacity building for the resilience of Peruvian Cities on Climate Change and Environment through transferred European knowledge in line with the EU Green Deal via a sustainable partnership”.  The overall objective of the proposal is to build knowledge on climate change adaptation (CCA) in order to increase life quality and develop comprehensive techniques for urban growth in local political mechanisms and administrations and to encourage preparing the implementation of integrated climate adaptation concepts and measures and institutionalize the CCA development works by the transferred expertise from Europe and to spread and saturate European knowledge to Peru and South America.

EAR-AER was represented by President Mr. Nelu Neacsu and vice-president Mrs. Ionica Oncioiu, GPN Worldwide Consulting was represented by Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Yanik, Râmnicul Vâlcea Municipality, Romania was represented by Inspector of the local development department Mrs. Simona Iliescu.

We thank Mr.Ibrahim Yildirim, Chairman of Turkey Peru Business Council for facilitating this meeting.

Moyobamba is the oldest town in Peru’s Amazon Basin, having been established as an Inca outpost in the late 15th century. Moyobamba is the capital of the San Martín region in northern Peru. It’s known as the ‘City of Orchids’ has a population of 58,500 inhabitants is located 860 meters above sea level and is surrounded by rich nature, such as waterfalls and caves and overlooks the MayoRiver.